Our Story

Who we are, where we started and what we believe in.

In 2010...

Gather and Stitch was born as a bridal and couture label by Helani Sarath-Kumara. Over the past 12 years, Gather and Stitch built a strong reputation for beautifully unique, traditionally inspired, modern pieces. Helani takes inspiration from her Sri Lankan, South Asian, heritage and her current Australian environment - the result is a marriage of simple shapes and rich textures. We truly are born in the east and raised in the west.

In 2022 we started our own ready made collection. Keeping our handmade ethos and making it accessible worldwide. We saw a growing demand for our pieces, especially the modern kandiyan, from all over the world. We were unable to keep up with demand but wanted anyone be be able to access good quality, beautiful bridal wear that reflected their identity. 

We believe that...

Our mission is for you to feel the confidence of a beautifully constructed piece, made especially for you. The Gather and Stitch client is a modern classic person that takes centre stage. Detail oriented, fun and challenges themselves. Above all their independence and unique sense of style makes them who they are.

Gather and Stitch has a global reputation for traditional Kandiyan Sarees with a modern twist. The demand for this look was a pleasant surprise. This inspired Helani to create one of the world's first ready made Kandiyan pieces included in the collection. The Kandiyan Saree will always remain close to our heart.

Our clothes...

Whether you are ordering online or getting a custom piece created specifically for you, we love that each piece is handmade for each order. By doing this we are reducing landfill and creating something that will stay with you beyond your wedding day. All our collection pieces can be worn together or individually and mixed and matched with your existing clothes for your future events! Being able to enjoy a Gather and Stitch item many times brings us so much joy.

Welcome to our home, we hope you become a part of our story.