What is the difference between Gather and Stitch Couture Custom and Gather and Stitch Collection?

Gather and Stitch Collection pieces are ordered from our online store. Visit www.gatherandstitch.com, then "Shop Collection" to access those services. They are created so that all items in our store are available to anyone who wishes to purchase them in their size. These items are available globally and require 2 months to be created. 

If you purchase from our Gather and Stitch Collection, and live in Sydney or are able to come to Sydney, you are able to pick up your items from our studio in Carlingford. All items typically require small to moderate alterations after creation to fit perfectly to your individual curvatures and shape. This can be done inhouse for you. Heming and minor alterations are free of charge, this will be explained to you in person and determined by us inhouse. Small aterations costs may apply depending on the level of alteration.  

If you purchase online and live outside Sydney or internationally, your order is sent directly to you via courier. You will need to access your own alteration services. 

Gather and Stitch Couture Custom pieces are uniquely different and made to order for each individual client. No two products are the same. We typically require 6 - 12 months to carefully create for weddings and red carpet events. This shop is not for this service. Visit www.gatherandstitch.com, then 'Custom Enquires' in order to access that service. For more information about this visit www.gatherandstitch.com, then "About".

Can I come in and try your pieces?

At this stage we do not offer this service. You can purchase the items online only. 

Do you offer consultations?

We do not offer concultations for our online items. You can email us directly on couture@gatherandstitch.com if you have any questions or would like further information. We respond in 1 - 2 business days. 

Do you do TRUNK shows?

At this stage we do not offer this service.

How far in advance should I order my items?

Our items take 2 months to be created. We recommend looking over our website and Instagram for inspiration and ordering as soon as possible to allow ample time for your order to be created before your wedding. We can work with rush time frames depending on availability and rush fees often apply. Please email couture@gatherandstitch.com before purchasing to check availability.

What alterations are done if I am able to come into your studio?

If you purchase your Gather and Stitch Collection you are able to come into our studio to pick up and try on the garment. All items typically require small to moderate alterations after creation to fit perfectly to your individual curvatures and shape. This can be done inhouse for you. Usually they require no extra charge depending on the service. This does not include wrong sizing orders, these will incur an extra charge and may result a re-order at your own cost.

We do not do alterations in house for those unable to come into our studio in Carlingford, NSW, Australia whether they are local or international orders.

Can I customize any designs?

Not for our collection pieces. All options that are available are given to you on each product page. Beyond this, there is no other customisation available. 

How do I take care of my items?

Before your wedding, we recommend storing your order bag in a cool, clean and dry environment.

After your wedding, we recommend dry cleaning your order with a dry cleaner who specialises in wedding gowns specifically. If possible, we recommend purchasing a gown box to store your order in. Ensure your gown box is then stored in a cool, dry and clean environment. 

How do I work out my size?

Our sizes are unique to our brand and are based on a bride's bust, waist and hip measurements in centimetres. Before purchasing, we recommend carefully taking your measurements and checking this against our size guide.

What if my weight and measurements change before my wedding?

Your order is made in the size that was initially indicated at the time of purchase and cannot be changed thereafter. Please make sure that when you order items you factor in any planned changes to your weight. This will impact your sizing and wrong sizing is not legible for a refund. Whilst we are happy to offer advice where applicable, all alterations and changes to items will need to be arranged and orchestrated at the expense of the bride. If you have any concerns around this please contact us.

See our 'How it works' page for knowlege on how to take accurate measurements.

Will my items fit me perfectly?

Our pieces are designed to fit you as accurately as possible. However it is likely that with a fitted design that it will not fit to each curvature and beautifully unique proportion of your body.

In almost all cases, industry wide, gowns will need alterations after completion to ensure your order is perfect for you. We strongly urge our brides to arrange to have alterations upon receiving their order and to budget for this within their process.

See our 'How it works' page for knowlege on how to take accurate measurements.

Where are these items made?

The collection items are designed in Australia and indivudually handcrafted in India using high quality beads and materials. These items will undergo a quality check and control in Australia, inhouse before being shipped to you.