How It Works

You choose your combination!

Our collection is built around the concept that you can choose between our 3 tops, 3 skirts, 3 shawls AND colours. These tops and skirts and shawls have the same beadwork and design across all of them, this means you can mix and match any top with any skirt! YOU get to choose your preference.

For example…

Dilini wears the same blue Straight Skirt with all three tops.

Image show model wearing our Blue Straight Skirt with each of the 3 different tops.

Simran wears the same blue Flared Skirt with all three tops.

Simran wears the same Blue Kandiyan Wrap with all three tops.

Model wears the same blue Kandiyan Wrap with all three tops.

Pretty cool right? The additional shawls can help create a modern Kandiyan or Saree look. With or without them, they create a whole new look for you. You can wear it during your ceremony and then take it off for the reception, creating a new look without the expense.

See below; Simran is wearing the Flared White Skirt with the Bishop blouse. She wears it also with the 3 shawl additions that create both the saree or kandyan look.

The Bridal Ivory range comes with an additional overskirt if you would like to add it to the Flare or Straight skirt.

You can also request custom colours. Please email us here;, if you would like to explore that option.

Hope this page has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please email through to Let us know if there is anything else you would like included on this page.